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Currently Shipping to Europe is $20 and the board cost is $40 so  in Europe, $60 (US dollars).  I will try to improve the shipping price in Europe if I can get a better sucess rate of getting through customs.

The World's first drop-in compaitble 8 bit to 32 bit Nano brains only upgrade for grbl.  This is compatible with Laser Diode machines and CNC machines.

32 bit Nano Black-N-Blue GRBL

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  • This is the Worlds first and only Plug and Play 32 bit Grbl Nano.

    Copy your 8 bit Nano settings (steps/mm, accel, velocity, machine travel, directions, etc) to a text document.

    Just plug this in with the same orientation as your 8 bit Nano and paste those settings listed above into the 32 bit Nano and you can use your favorite software and gCode sending applications as before.  

    Truly Plug-n-Play.... Enjoy

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I'm a laser enthusiast with a lot of hardware design and development experience. I want to share my capabilities with people that want to create beautiful things with their lasers.


32 bit Nano Black-N-Blue grbl

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