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This product is obsolete and replaced by Black-N-Blue 2.


This is the brains of the controller, this plugs into board that nornally takes an 8 bit nano.  For the full controller you need Black-N-Blue 2.


The World's first drop-in compaitble 8 bit to 32 bit Nano brains only upgrade for grbl.  This is compatible with Laser Diode machines and CNC machines.

32 bit Nano Black-N-Blue GRBL

SKU: 0001
  • This is the Worlds first and only Plug and Play 32 bit Grbl Nano. You replace your 8 bit nano on your Eleksmaker laser engraver for example.

    I designed this because I wanted to be able to do true greyscale and 8 bit processor cannot handle it. Also, I wanted to do faster, higher accuracy engravings.

    Copy your 8 bit Nano settings (steps/mm, accel, velocity, machine travel, directions, etc) to a text document.

    Just plug this in with the same orientation as your 8 bit Nano and paste those settings listed above into the 32 bit Nano and you can use your favorite software and gCode sending applications as before.

    Example engravings which are the laser burning the substrate which in this case is MDF, as the laser scans the image on the MDF, the controller is adjusting the laser power and creating a true greyscale image. You can engrave on MDF, wood, tiles, slate and many other substrates.  Also shown is a $1 mirror from the Dollar Tree.  The faint horizontal, wavy lines on the mirror are due to mirror coating (not the engraving).

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    Truly Plug-n-Play.... Enjoy

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    We throuroughly test each device and stand by our quality and craftsmanship.  However this legal disclaimer is necessary.  If you receive a damaged or defective item it will be replaced or repaired at our discretion. You may be asked to return the defective item.

    Order Cancellation:  If the order has not been shipped, we are happy to cancel the order, minus a 5% fee. This is due to the fact that paypal will not refund us the associated fees. If an order has already been shipped, there is no possibility of cancellation.

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