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Excellent editing and control software
Bravo to TechBravo who has put together a lot of very useful info, mostly for CO2 lasers
grbl Error and Alarm Code List
grbl Configuration
Before making settings on grbl, refer to this resource
Facebook Groups
Eleksmaker LED Laser Discussion
New group of advanced Eleksmaker Users, others are welcome
Group started by Nicky Norton, inventor the Norton tile method which create permanent engravings on tile
Eleksmaker A3 / A5
Another place for Eleksmaker Users 
Gets flooded from time to time with Endurance Lasers Website and Youtube links, some of which are actually helpful
Nice Mixture of CO2, LED and Fiber laser makers, was place for scripts.  Many commerical people regularly go to this group and post amazing works of art.
Created with Lightburn
Show off your work done in Lightburn- not a place for Tech Support
Laser Engraving and Cutting
Mixture of CO2 and LED Engravers
House of Lasers
Nice place for CO2 users to share work methods, run by Chris Losascio who will go out of his way to help anyone
K40 Laser Machine Group
K40 group with lots of commercial traffic
K40 Laser Enhancements
Nice place for 3d printed CO2 upgrades, Ray the admin has a few printed designs and other things he sells
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