Upgrade your Ortur Laser Master 2 with silent steppers, direct plug and play for the stock harness.
Move your K40 over to Lightburn easily.

The base price is $100.  This enables Bring Your Own (BYO) stepper drivers and covers most laser diode applications
Shipping in US is +$10.00
Shipping to UK and certain parts of Europe is +$25 (contact me if not in UK to confirm I can ship)
You can install your own stepper drivers, make sure you follow the printed pins and do not install shifted or out of orientation.  We can provide super silent TMC2208 for $8/axis and install and set vRef for you.  Minimum of 2 axes are needed, 3 axes gives you rotary, 4 axes provides rotary and Z. Details are in the FAQ section.  
CO2 circuity can be added for +$10 (testing has been done on K40, plug and play)
24V to 12V regualtor circtuiry can be added for +$10 (only needed if you want to run motors at 24V and diode or fans at 12V, the board itself can handle 24V).  Please contact me for advice.  We are not responsible for damage caused by incorrect installation and wiring.  All hardware is thoroughly tested before shipping.

This is the full controller and using the same foundation as the 32bit nano Black-n-Blue.  This is compatible with Laser Diode machines and CNC machines and K40 CO2 lasers.

32 bit Black-N-Blue 2 GRBL Laser Controller

SKU: 0002
  • 32 bit modular laser controller board

    Upgrade your Laser Master 2, Eleksmaker, YoraHome, K40, other...

    Fully Modular for those that want to add features to their engraver

    Silent Steppers, 24V capable, 32bit of course

    Lightburn, T2 Laser, Lasergrbl, all typical software Compatible

    Configurable steppers with onboard jumpers (1/16 microstepping default)

    Rotary can be installed directly in A or Z axis and controller in Lightburn without swapping wires or switches.

    Standard JST-HX connectors of all axes for easy drag chain installations without splicing

    I designed this because I wanted to be able to do true greyscale and 8 bit processor cannot handle it. Also, I wanted to do faster, higher accuracy engravings.

    Let me know what type of machine you're upgrading.  You can contact me on Facebook www.facebook.com/timothy.rothman

    Example engravings of what the 32bit can do are show in the gallery

    Join the group on Facebook - Eleksmaker LED Discussion

    Truly Plug-n-Play.... Enjoy

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