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BreakOut Board

The Breakout Board plugs into the 14 pin connector. enables easy connection of homing and limit switches wired in parallel (NO).  The breakout board also enables PWM, laser enable, and Mist pin access.  These are 5V signals and can be used with 5V trigger high relays.  Make sure your relays have flyback diodes as there is typically enough noise to trigger controller errors if these relays are not appropriately congfigured with flyback diodes.  Pause and Resume pins are available on the 14 pin connector as are Stop and Reset pins.



These switches are NO (normally open) they include filtering and LED circuit to indicate they have been triggered. This is really useful for debug. The cable length is about 1m.


Belt Tensioners

Includes the mounting hardware to manually tension then tighten the belt loop using capture nut so that the threads cannot be stripped and drop in t-nuts to hold the belt tension during the laser operation.

Limit Switches Belt Tensioners

  • Switches/tensioners

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