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This is the list of LED Laser Upgrades

In addition to the 32 bit nano Black-N-Blue grbl, here is a list of upgrades.

Upgraded 3 element Lens

There are lots of names for these lenses G2, G7, etc.. very little documentation comes with them

Silent drivers

TMC2208, TMC2209's are plug and play replacements of the A4988's that come stock with most controller.  TMC2100, TMC2130 need MS1, MS2 and MS3 pins clipped.

0.9deg steppers

This requires steps/mm to change from 80steps/mm to 160steps/mm (2mm pitch belts with 20 tooth pulleys) 

Company: OSM, PN:17HM150904S

16 tooth pulley

This requires steps/mm to change from 160steps/mm with 0.9deg steppers to 200steps/mm

Steel reinforced belts

3D printed belt tensioners

Pulley couplers

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