This kit enables easy upgrade of the Laser Master 2 and other machines to have dual Y stepper motors (motors not included).  This increases speed and helps ensure no racking (machine remains square*).  This 3 total motor setup is proven to provide the highest quality engravings.  All images in the gallery use dual Y axes.    Shipping price in US is $10 USD if purchased separately.  If purchased with a Black-n-Blue 2 controller, the additional cost of shipping is up to $5 USD to most parts of the World.


The kit includes 2 pieces of gantry acrylic.  2 extra wheels (Ortur has only 3 wheels per side of gantry), acrylic spacers, cable for extra motor.


The key design attributes in addition to adding the dual motor capability are better tooth engagment belt.  Eliminating need for eccentric nuts which rotate (loosen) on acrylic through use of slots which are proven better for acrylic.  4 wheels per gantry end for more stability over 3 wheels.  Enables 2020 or 2040 v-slot for the granty.

* Mechanically coupling the motors also helps ensure the motors move in unison. This can be done by tapping the ends of the 16t or 20t GT2 pulleys and installing 1/4-20 all thread.  

Dual Y Axis Upgrade Acrylic Ortur-Other

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